Electric Vehicles Transforming the Automotive Industry Globally

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Webinar - EV Market
The Electric Vehicle industry is on the verge of disrupting the entire automotive industry. The increasing concerns such as carbon emissions, increasing operational expenditure and diminishing oil reserves will be addressed by electric vehicles.

Technology advancement towards increasing the vehicle range will increase the electric vehicle adoption. In addition, adoption of electric vehicle is expected to incline significantly given the gracious subsides provided by the governments.
Table Of Content
  • Overview of Electric Vehicle Industry: Regulations, Geographical Analysis, Trends and Market
  • Industry Key Focus Area: Charging (Wired and Wireless), Battery, Energy Harvesting, Light weight material, High Power Electronics, Key Sensing Technologies, Organic and Flexible Electronics, Infotainment and HVAC
  • Wired and Wireless Charging: Dynamic Electric Vehicle charging is anticipated to be commercialized by 2025
  • Battery: Battery cost is expected to decline in future
  • Energy Harvesting: Kinetic, light and thermal energy harvesting will dominate the market
  • Lightweight Material: Aluminum is the most attractive Light weighing material for electric vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle’s Futuristic View