According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Global Infection Prevention and Control Market: (2019–2025),” the global Infection Prevention and Control market is driven by different factors, such as increase in incidence of hospital acquired infections (HAIS). On account of the increasing demand for substantial scale screening for the study of disease transmission, diagnosis of HIV, hepatitis, blood donation center and more immunodiagnostic procedure; the latest technology are treading towards the improvement of the healthcare system.

Asia-Pacific to have a major share in the Global Infection Prevention and Control market
North America is the second-largest revenue-yielding region for different type of anti-microbial followed by Europe and MEA region. APAC region is projected to grow at a rate of 3.95% from $49.76 billion in 2020 to $63.54 billion by 2025. The growing healthcare spending and rapidly developing medical tourism market in the Asian countries has driven the demand of highly efficient drugs with respect to the infections. 

Selected/Sample Analysis done in the full Report
The global Infection Prevention and Control market is segmented based on Infection Type, By Products and Service Equipments type, End-User Industry, and geography. Based on infection type, the market is categorized into bacteria, viruses, fungal, protozoa and HAI. Based on product & equipment’s type, the global Infection Prevention and Control market is segmented into PPE, Disinfectant, and Sterilization. Based on End-User Industry, the global Infection Prevention and Control market is categorized into Equipment Usage and Drug Usage. 

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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors
  • Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to grasp 31% share during the forecast period. With the increase in the number of death due to Antibiotic-resistant infections, by contrast it is anticipated that there will be a growth in IP&C Market in the regions of Asia-Pacific Region.
  • The concern for cleanliness and hygienic of all workers in keeping the environment neat; prevents the workers as well as the patients from various Health Associated Infections.
  • Control from various types of cross-infections in hospitals and clinics also there has been a growth of Personal Protective Equipment’s market globally. Demand for better quality care in hospitals and other healthcare establishments is forcing the hospitals to invest in quality medical protective wear and other accessories has also acted as a key factor in the growth of this segment.

Key players of the Global Infection Prevention and Control Market

The main companies in the Global Infection Prevention and Control market includes Abbot Laboratories, Ansell Limited, Astrazeneca PLC, Bard Incorporated, Belimed, Cantel Medical Corp, Medtronic, Getinge Group, Hollister Incorporated, Johnson & Johnson and others. 

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