Clean Label Usage by Food Marketers: A Boon to Natural Flavors Market

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 19-Feb-2016

Clean labeling of food products is one of the contemporary trends in the food & beverage industry. The use of clean labeling emphasizes the transparency from the products manufacturers’ side in terms of ingredients and nutritional profile of the food product. Considerable number of food product manufacturers has been actively participating in clean labeling by clearly displaying ingredients followed with mentioning of any allergen presence and detailing the type of flavors and preservatives used. This increases the transparency and develops trust among consumers splurging sales. As clean label means, no presence of preservatives and artificial flavoring in manufacturing of products, this trend drives the further inclusion of natural flavor in food production. 

According to a recent consumer survey the display of identifiable ingredients of food and beverages options make consumers feel healthier and safer about the product. Such impact of clean label usage on consumer behavior is further resulting in expansion of clean label marking by food manufacturers. However the lack of clear definition surrounding the meaning of clean label on food products may impact its usage by companies. Though the clean label mark lacks clear standards, the preference of consumers towards more natural and transparent products with healthier and identifiable ingredients is set to expand considerably in the coming years.
Regulatory authorities in U.S. and Europe are contemplating imposing stringent regulations pertaining to labeling. The flavor manufacturers have a major opportunity for growth with the emergence of this trend. Flavor manufacturers are set to reap the benefits from this rapidly spreading trend by catering to food marketers contemplating to associate clean label to their product offerings. Increasing consumer attention towards product labeling and efforts by food marketers to expand their market share through clean label products will propel the usage of natural flavors in the coming years. 

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