Food Enzymes and its Multi-Parametric Functions in Food Industry

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 18-Feb-2016

Food enzymes are used to enhance food production processes by facilitating the performance and yield improvements   with fewer resources. From baking & brewing to enabling fruit processing, oils & fats, confectionary, and optimizing dairy production, food enzymes are used. Enzymes perform specific reactions essential for the production process and are very useful catalysts in industrial processes. Enzymes don’t have any technological function in the final food product although ensuring the quality of the end product. These food enzymes improve appearance, texture and nutritional value, and also generate required fragrances and flavors. Food enzymes are categorized into carbohydrases, proteases, lipases and others.

Currently food enzymes are used for a growing range of applications: bakery, cheese making, production of fruit juices, starch processing and so on. Food enzymes in baking industry help increasing the volume of baked goods, enhancing crumb structure, crust, shape and color.  Amylases and lipases are specifically used to develop initial softness of cakes and bread and give them extended shelf life.  Pectinase is used in the production of wine and fruit juice clarification whereas alpha amylase, glucoamylases, hemicellulases, maltogenic amylases, glucose isomerases enzymes are used for starch modification and conversion (dextrose or high fructose syrups). Moreover, Inulinases enzymes are used in the manufacture of fructose syrups.

Food enzymes are derived from animals, plants and microorganisms such as amylase a starch-digesting enzyme is obtained from germinating barley seeds. However most of the enzymes are derived from a range of beneficial micro-organisms. The global food enzymes market is set to reach $1,798.9m by 2020 with increasing availability of various food enzymes as well as continuous government efforts to encourage food improvement agents in various countries.

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