Crystal Oscillator Technology Market Witnessing New Series of Market Developments Despite Being Challenged by the MEMS Oscillator Technology

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 15-Feb-2016

Electronics industry is perhaps one of the industries that witness regular innovations and demonstrate the axiom that the technological change is the only constant. Whether it is consumer appliances, smart phones, medical devices, computers or other electronic product, the one parameter that has always remained constant is the technology change. This change or augmentation in technical terms accounts for replacement of an electronic component with an upgraded or new version of the same component. Crystal Oscillators is one such electronic component of a large number of electronic products that undergo regular augmentations. The manufacturing complexity and reliability issues associated with crystal oscillators have increased the quest for the replacement technology. 

eoSemi, U.K. based OEM believes that they will soon be launching a silicon circuit enabled timing device that would replace quartz crystal mechanisms in a large portion of industrial devices and consumer appliances. Epson, leading player in the crystal oscillator market has made series of product augmentations in their existing family of crystal oscillators’ devices. The company introduced its new series of real time clock modules RA8900 and RX8900 rafted with digital temperature crystal oscillators. The German subsidiary of Epson, Inc. launched differential output crystal oscillator featured with low phase jitter. The company also unfolded its new series of Real time clock modules powered with quartz crystal technology for industrial, networking, automotive and consumer electronics applications. Epson also unveiled its new series of programmable voltage control crystal oscillators that will work under basic fundamental frequency of 100MHz. With the advancements in automotive electronics in the past years, Epson also launched its new series of embedded digital temperature crystal oscillators for automotive and consumer applications. Vectron, a prominent player in the crystal oscillator market revealed developments made in its crystal and oscillator circuits by expanding their precision oscillator capability to the next level specifically for military, industrial and space applications. The company also announced the expansion of its Evacuated Miniature Crystal Oscillator (EMXO) products with a standard frequency range of 10 – 100MHz. Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation developed the new range of small size Temperature Crystal Oscillators (TCXO) for mobile communication applications. 

Traditionally quartz crystal oscillators are the most preferred choice for consumer applications, but with the advent of alternative technologies OEMs are bound to develop and augment their existing products to sustain in the competitive market. MEMS (micromechanical) oscillators have emerged to be the possible alternative to the crystal oscillators. MEMS oscillators have already challenged deployment of crystal oscillators in RF applications and with the continual technological innovations, it is imperative for crystal oscillator manufacturers to launch and offer competitive features in the product to nullify the possibility of any other surrogate technology.

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