Growing Usage of 3D Scanning in the Consumer Products Market as Growing Demand Drives the Market

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 11-Feb-2016

The consumer market for 3D scanning has witnessed strong growth in recent years. 3D scanning technology can be used to create consumer products such as apparels, consumer electronics, fashion products, and so on. This is a key and growing end user market for 3D scanning market, and is estimated to witness growth in the coming years with increasing usage of technology and growing advancements in this sector. The growing awareness regarding the 3D scanning technology combined with development of innovate technologies is set to propel this segment.

3D printing for consumer applications is set to be a major use of this 3D scanning technology. 3D printing is the process of making objects from 3D model data by using additive materials. 3D printing was introduced in the 90s but has recently spread to the consumer industry. Small and medium scale businesses have adopted 3D printing in order to reduce the manufacturing costs incurred in the production of the products. The growing technological advancements in this market have resulted in growing applications and enhanced capabilities. This declining price of 3D scanning has resulted in reduced prices of the 3D printers thereby driving the market. The 3D printing sector is projected to be a major market for 3D scanning services resulting in the entry of leading 3D scanning companies as well as start-ups in an effort to capture the growing market.

Reverse engineering of consumer products has been the major focus in recent years in the consumer electronics, fashion and apparel industries. Utilizing traditional manufacturing techniques for this process is extremely difficult and time consuming. As a result, reverse engineering utilizing 3D scanning has faced high adoption in recent years. Reverse engineering is primarily utilized to update the virtual models of a company’s product portfolio, developing new products based on virtual models of other products and to enhance the functionality of the product. This has also led to a number of start-ups and small firms creating aggressive and innovative products without any size/cost limitations. The growing focus on cost reduction in this market will result in growing adoption of 3D scanning services, particularly for reverse engineering.

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