The Development Of Commercially Viable Nanotechnology Based Fuel Additives Is In A Glaring Demand

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 26-Aug-2015

Burgeoning demand for energy resources in the years ahead will require an amplified supply of fuels, despite various efforts at recuperating energy efficiency. Nanotech fuel additives have a key role to play in this scenario and the future supply of these additives must be of such a scale that new technologies are intensively employed. As per recent trends, industry demands for increased engine efficiency/fuel economy and friction reduction, which has led to a trend of compact engines. In such engines, the possibility of thermal stress and quicker wear is high and so there will be a continual need for lubricants that perform better indifferent conditions.

Nanotechnology enhances the technological changes which are directly related to the improvement of nano-polymer composites as lubricants. Nanotech fuel additives are a looming trend in this scenario and has been tested successfully worldwide in the last decade. When added to liquid fuels, which includes gasoline/petrol, diesel fuel, bio-fuels, kerosene, it immediately transforms fuels into high-efficiency nanotech fuels, which results in a significant saving of fuel, boosts engine power, reduces harmful emissions, and gives a prolonged engine life. Additives which enable greener driving are effective in reducing carbon footprint, and result in a net fuel cost savings.

Nanotechnology is a high-end technology which is used in premium fuel additives. When added to the engine, these additives build an exceptionally stable three dimensional lattice structure consisting of sub-microscopic nano-clusters, all evenly distributed within the fuel. These fuel additive nano-clusters are physically, chemically, or catalytically active depending on the stage of the combustion cycle.

When fuel additive nano-clusters reach the engine and begin to burn in the combustion chamber, they rapidly pick up heat and explode into steam. These steam explosions generate two characteristic benefits which include, breaking up of larger liquid fuel droplets into smaller and more easily vaporizable sizes and increased turbulence improves blending of fuel vapors. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, this technology has also helped in having a clean combustion chamber by steadily removing any accumulated deposits. A clean combustion chamber, in turn gives cooler combustion, lower emissions, cleaner lubricating oil, and a reduced engine octane requirement.

These nanotech fuel additives are being used across the world. One such example is Envirox™, a fuel borne combustion nano catalyst for diesel fuels, developed by Energenics Europe Ltd. This technology is based on cerium oxide, a common industrial oxidation catalyst widely used in catalytic converters. It would normally be incompatible with diesel fuel but using nanotechnology, it has been re-engineered into a liquid dispersion which mixes in easily. This innovative fuel borne catalyst when used at recommended dose levels is highly effective and provides various benefits.

Nanotech fuel additives will play a prominent role in the upcoming future of lubrication and industrialization. Nanotechnologies will also play a role in augmenting the efficiency of using current and future liquid fuels, especially biofuels, by providing improved combustion. While there are risks in every new technology that comes up, the world now is better equipped to face all the risks and act accordingly, that it seems possible to advance nanotech fuel additives, without affecting the environment. The development of commercially viable nanotechnology based fuel additives is a glaring need that could expand the current market for fuel additives.

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