Portable Ultrasound Devices: Paving The Way for Effective Medical Diagnosis

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 10-Oct-2015

Ultrasound diagnosis works on the fundamentals of Ultrasound waves. The high frequency sound waves are emitted from the transducer. The waves hit the internal structures and reflect upon the transducer. Ultrasound technology has been in existence since 1970’s and it has made enormous progress over the years. The devices have evolved from being too cumbersome and expensive to easy to use and affordable. The ultrasound devices are used extensively in diagnostic imaging, vascular imaging and fetal monitoring.

The portable ultrasound devices are being used extensively as they are affordable, convenient to use and easy to carry. The physicians are able to make better decisions in crucial moments such as cardiac arrest. These devices are used in acute care conditions such as Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operating Room and Emergency Room. The ability to provide faster diagnosis is important for improved patient care while decreasing the overall cost involved. There is high significance associated with these devices for doctors located in rural and remote areas. Faster diagnosis can help to make better informed decisions.

The technology has also boosted the uptake of portable ultrasound devices. Today, there are companies such as GE Healthcare and Signostics which are changing the market dynamics. The market is moving fast with the concept of miniaturization. Companies are building products which are small, cheap and easy to use which shall help to penetrate the individual consumer market. However, there are issues associated with the use of these devices by inexperienced technicians which can cause damage to the patient. The FDA is keen on promoting the use of these devices by radiologists and experienced healthcare professionals.

The demand for portable ultrasound devices is going to increase rapidly as it reaches different consumer base such as physiotherapists, veterinary doctors and palliative care. The portable ultrasound devices are able to provide high resolution images at a faster rate while being affordable. As the technology improves, the concept of mass adoption will come into the picture. 


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