Intelligent Motor Control Centers bringing operational efficiency in Oil & Gas Industries

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 01-Jan-1970

Achieving operational efficiency is an important goal for oil and gas operating companies. The industry is plagued by growing amount of data and equipment reliability issues which prevent equipment from running as designed. These factors limit them in achieving the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) thereby preventing them in achieving the desired production levels. The operational efficiencies of heavy industry firms is measured in terms of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) which is a quotient of quality, availability and efficiency scores. The world class operational efficiency standards are aggregated to 91%. The offshore oil & gas industries lag this score by more than 10%. Unplanned downtime caused by motor failures is the primary factor which prevents oil & gas industries in achieving this OEE scores. The industry is presently suffering from highest downtime costs in comparison to other process industries globally. The downtime costs for oil and gas industries are estimated to be $1 million per hour.

The prime issues that the oil & gas industry suffering presently is with respect to asset management. The industries are also plagued by issues related to the reliability of their assets and lifecycle costs. Unplanned motor related downtime is having the highest impact in oil & gas industries for achieving the operational efficiencies. The Intelligent Motor Control Solutions (iMCC) from major suppliers such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation and Eaton help oil & gas industries to control, monitor and improve the availability of the rotating assets in their operations. The iMCC solutions monitor and report any out-of-spec behaviour which may indicate motor failure. Condition monitoring and motor control center hardware and software give oil & gas industries real time diagnostics and inherent communicational abilities to maximize the operational performance.

Some of the important characteristics that need to be verified before deploying an Intelligent MCC include: Quality of Information, Easier Interfacing communication and Flexibility in changes. The modern day intelligent system monitors a wide range of electric parameters. This monitoring helps the customers in understanding the actual conditions of electrical loads especially related to electrical motors. Easier interfacing into control systems using serial communication is another important characteristic of an iMCCs. The communication from the iMCC is reliable and is primarily a redundant communication. An iMCC should be flexible to the changes in motor loads. An iMCC allows the users to change the loads and adjust the parameters of intelligent relays for continuous running for the motors.

A properly deployed iMCC allows users to monitor and analyse operations from anywhere at any time. The information generated from iMCC users can predict the potential problems in the operating equipment and plan the strategies in a be0tter manner. The improved quality of the data from iMCCs helps the users to improve troubleshooting speed and accuracy. Due to their predictive maintenance capabilities and their diagnostic features users of the Intelligent Motor Control Centers are able to reduce their maintenance costs by around 50%. The application of iMCCs help oil and gas industries to achieve their required production levels and decrease the costs associated with downtime. This helps them in achieving sustainable profitability margins. This is the major reason for oil & gas being the primary end-user for Intelligent Motor Control Centers market.

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